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The world of SEO is ever-changing but one goal remains constant: traffic-qualified and targeted traffic. The higher your site ranks on search engine results pages, the more traffic the site will receive. A website that has been subjected to the standards and proper SEO strategy implementation of an expert SEO agency is better positioned than its competitors.

Without SEO, a websites loses its competition, loses traffic, and more likely be non-existent. Without traffic, there is no conversion.

Web Developer Philippines provides affordable and custom-tailored SEO strategies custom- tailored to deliver the best results. Give your website the attention it deserves!

We have been in the service for 10 years and we have proven the success of our clients as we help them stay above their competitors.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Web Developher PH gets asked a lot of common questions by people who inquire about our web services. Here are just some of them:

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. A practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic search engine results.

Why is SEO so important

In a nutshell, SEO has ~30x more traffic opportunity than PPC (Paid Advertising) on both mobile and desktop. This is why SEO is extremely important for any online business.

How long does the optimization process take?

This depends on the site we are given to work with. A 5-8 page site in a low competition area will obviously take less time compared to a 200 page site competing for highly competitive terms. However, an average 15-20 page website with moderate competition would take approximately 2 months of on-site-optimization, 3 months on off-site-optimization (link-building) and up to 3 months or so to attain rankings.

Can't we do SEO ourselves?

Sure you can…with lots of time, practice, patience and expertise. However, learning the ins and outs of SEO, implementing effective strategies, and monitoring progress is a time-consuming feat that many business owners aren’t interested learning.

We offer SEO services to clients who want to spend time on other aspects of their businesses while letting our experts handle their SEO campaigns.

I am ready to start. Do we need to meet in person?

Not at all. Only in rare cases is a personal meeting required. All communication can or may be over the phone, skype, viber, slack or via email.

I'm in another country, can you still work for me?

Yes! We work for clients around the world, such as Australia, Singapore, Guam, USA, UK, and other countries.

How long does it takes to rank up on google?

It all depends on how well the optimization process is. SEO is a long-term process as it builds your website’s online presence organically/naturally. On average, an SEO campaign may take roughly 6 to 12 months.

When do i pay?

We offer payment options to our client, varying from a one-time, to 70% initial payment and 30% upon turnover (completion/launching of the website). We understand that this is an investment and want to help you budget for the expense in whatever way possible.

We accept Checks, PayPal, and Bank transfers.

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